Our Visit with Tikva and Nissim

In January, Dylan and I finally drove up to Michigan to meet our online friends, Tikva and Nissim. Tikva is on an email list with me of moms who had babies in November of 2001.

We had a great time! We got there at about 10:30, and Dylan immediately took over the house, running all over the place and scaring the heck out of Nissim, I think! He is the cutest little guy. He has these big blue eyes and soft hair that is kind of curly, and a great cleft chin. A very handsome dude. Dylan thought so too! She kept hugging him and rubbing his hair. He is very serious and kind of shy, but he warmed up and was smiling and playing before long.

Tikva is so nice (of course) and was a great host. She made a delicious rice dish with dates, apricots, carrots and potatoes, and made these delicious little bread pockets called Sambusak (sp?). They were filled with chickpeas, and Dylan and I loved them. I brought some green tea, which we drank from a fancy china teapot, and we had a great time chatting.

I can believe this is the first we’ve met. It took just over an hour to get there, so we’ll definitely be visiting again in the future.



Nissim and Dylan


Tikva and Nissim

Dylan hugging the Fisher Price Garage



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