Michigania 2005

On June 25th, we headed up North to Camp Michigania, the family camp of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.
We all had a fabulous time, as evidenced by the photos. We are already planning next year's trip!

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Being silly on the way to camp. We made it to camp!! Busy at work. Happy to be hangin' at the lake.
Fake smile time! Getting some water to pour on the sand. Pouring water on the sand. Making a lake in the sand.
Other kids at work doing the same thing. Daddy reading peacefully on the beach. A very unflattering picture of Mom taken by  Dylan, the amateur photographer. Another picture by Dylan "Ansel Adams" Wiley
Daddy learning how to ride. Daddy on the fattest horse at Camp Michigania. Daddy stopping his horse after a canter. Having fun on the horse.
I like this horse! Happy rider. Ride 'em cowgirl. A budding equestrian - but we think she needs a smaller helmet!
The two horseback riders. A view of our cabin interior. A view of our cabin from the beach. The view down to the swimming beach from our cabin's porch.
A view of some other cabins from our porch. The big hill up to the dining hall. Dylan in Petoskey. Sunset over Little Traverse Bay.
You can't catch me! All wet from the sprinkler. Racing around. My favorite way to travel.
Rachel (taken by Dylan) Rolling down the hill with Rachel. Al and Aurelia (Rachel's grandparents) A picture of mom and dad taken by Dylan.
Family portrait. Rolling into Daddy Rolling down the big hill. The boating beach.
Running up the hill! Dylan and Rachel heading to the campfire. Dylan and Rachel at the campfire. Yo yo yo
On the hayride with Cameron and Alice. Getting ready to roll! And off they go! An excited Dylan hugs Mommy just before the Unicorn arrives.
Waiting for the Unicorn on Kelly's lap. Swallowing our loud voices. Yay! I love to sing! We're all excited for that unicorn - where is he??
Dylan with her friend Julia. Following along with all the dance moves. Wave my arms back and forth.