Spring Adventures 2005

Dylan and Mom went on a couple of May adventures. First, to the Toledo Zoo, where Dylan was seemingly
more enthralled with the bronze animals than the real ones!

The following weekend found us at the beautiful Butterfly House in Whitehouse, Ohio. These adventures were only
one week apart - you can see by Dylie's outfits that our spring weather has been very variable!!

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on a wolf ride 'em cowgirl I love this wolf! Treating the wolf just like Friday!
Hey mom! Sitting on a baby lion. Going to the Butterfly House I love it here!
Orange butterfly on a rock Cool green butterfly - slightly camoflaged. Studying a butterfly that's perched on a rock. Butterfly closeup.
A cool green iguana named Ramon. A giant sisal butterfly. On a quest to get a butterfly on her finger. Come sit on my finger!!
Skeptically examining a butterfly. Hello little butterfly! Pretty girl in the garden. I see you!
Blowing on the butterfly. Still trying entice a butterfly to land on her finger. Mischievous kid playing with gum. A gum moustache.
Look at my pretty finger. Don't you want to come sit on it?? A cool green butterfly. Finally, a buttefly lands on Dylan! Hey, can I see??
Wouldn't you rather sit on my finger? Buttefly close-up I love butterflies!! He's so cute!