Dylan's 4th Birthday Weekend 2005

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cuddly boy bubbles! cute little Max smile
Chubby Max with Nana Handing out her treats Helping Kristin, her teacher.
Such a good little helper! Making sure everyone is served. Grace, Taylor and Dylie
messy face Buddies. Listening to Mom talk about the day she was born.
A very serious cupcake waitress! Yuck! Dylan's special guest (she insisted we bring him!)
Ready to go to her big party! Dylie and Mom Ready to party!
Charlotte Amanda and Caiti Getting ready to paint!
Busy girl. Kayla and Alexa Angela and Claire
painting her plate Everyone's hard at work. Lots of blond hair for Sleeping Beauty
Concentrating Silly face! Claire
Angela Girlfriends! Silly girls.
More posing... The princess cake. A surprise visit from Joy!
Opening Moppy's present. More cake! Blow!
Dylan's piece. Max Tired boy
Playing with makeup He's my brother, and I love him!!! Giant hugs...
More giant hugs Is he trying to escape? Getting thank you notes ready.
Selecting just the right stamp.