End of August 2005

Here are some random pictures from the end of August (and early September). They include a trip to the zoo and Dylie's first day of school!

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The big sister with a sleepy baby! I love my baby! I will kiss him whether he wants a kiss or not!
And then I will eat his head! Content Max with his sister Is he sucking on his foot??
At the dragon exhibit at the Toledo Zoo I'm almost as tall as the dragon! Dylan is holding herself up - she was too short for the head hole!
What a nice elephant! Riding the elephant. Sleepy Max at the zoo.
Posing in front of the dragon sign. First day of school. Basketball net hat.
Pulling up to the "big house" on her first day of school. Someone's excited! Being a silly girl at Fricker's
Scary Dylie! The zucchini is bigger than the baby! Messy Dylie with Max
Sleepy Max with Poppy Cute sleepy lips Someone just had a slushy.
Still sleeping! My tongue is blue!!!