8 Months - July 12, 2002

It was a great month for Dylan - she got to see many of her long distance relatives, including all of the Great Grandparents. It was really such a treat. That being said, the below milestones aren't much news to everyone but it's nice to write it down anyway.

  • It was 2 days late, but I'll squeeze it into the 8 month email. Yesterday, Dylan climbed up all of the stairs at her Poppy's house. Both flights. Then she did it 5 more times. She was very excited and had a huge grin on her face the whole time. Now we need to teach her to go down. She seems to think that she can just stand up and turn around. As you can imagine, that doesn't quite work.
  • Dyl is still as musical as ever. She sings along to lots of songs on the radio, still preferring classic rock to everything else. This weekend she sang along with Bob Seger, Lynard Skynard and the Beatles.
  • Her best trick these days is imitating funny faces. The hands-down favorite is her nose squinching. Impossible to describe in words, we've been attempting to capture it on camera. No luck yet, but we'll keep you posted.
  • Dylan is a big ham, entertaining everyone, everywhere we go. She was an especially big hit at the Toledo Mud Hens game this weekend. It's one of her favorite places to go, probably because of all the people, the classic rock music and the Muddy the Mud Hen.
  • Dyl is very vocal, and can say hi and Da Da for sure. She says hi to lots of people wherever we go, always accompanying it by a big wave of her arm. We think she also says MaMa, and we could have sworn she said Dog the other day while looking at Friday.
  • She's still not walking, but is standing everywhere. She likes to stand on the coffee table and play with the coasters. And, the laundry basket that holds her toys is of course much more interesting than any of the toys that are in it! She has stood by herself for a couple of seconds here and there, but it's mostly been by accident.
  • Her rocker chair in the kitchen is pretty much off limits now. She has figured out how to stand up in it, and last week toppled the whole thing over onto herself.
  • Dylan is very stubborn and demanding. When she wants something she will scream, grunt and make bizarre noises, all the while banging her hand on the table. As soon as she gets what she wants, she's all smiles again.
  • She is still going to sleep by herself very well. We are now working on getting her to sleep through the night. It's tough, but we seem to be making some progress. She still loves her bedtime routine, and is starting to wave night night to everything in her room.
  • Dylan still wears 12 month clothing. She is still 16 pounds, 12 ounces, but she grew 1/2 inch, and is now 27.25 inches tall.