7 Months - June 12, 2002

Dear Dylan,

You are really becoming your own person now. You have such a distinct and vibrant personality. You are stubborn as can be, but you love to smile. Your belly laughs don't come often, but when they do, it makes your dad and I both laugh hysterically. You do chuckle all the time.

  • You drink water now from a sippy cup, but when you saw Ty with his sippy sports bottle, you seemed to realize that it was much cooler. You stopped drinking from the cup and I had to buy you the bottle. Then, you saw me with a small bottled water, and refused your sports bottle! Yesterday you drank half a bottle of my water. Silly girl.
  • You just learned how to put yourself to sleep. We had been sleeping with you in our bed, but you just got way too mobile. We were afraid you'd crawl off the bed in the middle of the night! We were expecting a really hard time with the switch, and we were so worried about it. But, you are such a smart big girl, and now you love your bedtime routine. I give you a bath, and we sing Rubber Duckie. Then we put on your PJs and go to the glider in your room. I read you 3 books - one that's different every night, and then Goodnight Moon and One Sleepy Baby. Then, we say goodnight to everything in your room and put away your toys. I put you in your crib, put on your Sooth to Sleep Pooh Bear and say goodnight. You fall asleep hugging your little pillow like a little angel. When I check on you you always have your butt up in the air, fast asleep.
  • You pull yourself up on EVERYTHING! The coffee table, the first stair, boxes, your stool, my legs, Daddy's legs, the toilet, the trash can, the scale . . .
  • You are a champion crawler and can get everywhere super fast.
  • You can walk when we hold your hands, but you look drunk. And, you look down at your feet the whole time, as if you can't believe what you are doing.
  • You love walking the park in the morning with Lisa and Ty. You and Ty are so excited to see each other every morning, and he has just begun kissing you. He started off kissing your head, but now he holds your chin, tilts his head and kisses you on the mouth. He also loves to give you his hat, his water, and his toys. He's only 15 months old, and is already making his moves!
  • You just started eat Earth's Best Teething Biscuits. You love them because you can do it all by yourself.
  • You eat yogurt now and love it.
  • Still no teeth, but your hair seems a little bit thicker and darker. It gets kind of curly when it's wet.
  • You love singing along with music on the radio, and are entranced when music is on TV. Last night we watched a Dean Martin special on PBS (your dad's favorite singer) and you wouldn't take your eyes off the screen. You were transfixed.
  • You love to imitate sounds, especially singing and coughing.
  • You make a funny panting dog sound when you are about to eat.
  • You weigh 16 pounds, 12 ounces and are 26.75 inches tall.