6 Months - May 12, 2002

Happy Half Birthday sweet girl! Here's what you are doing these days:

  • You are pretty much crawling! It has been so much fun watching the progression of this milestone! First you'd creep along on your belly. Your right arm was always out in front, but your left one was stuck under your belly. Finally, both arms emerged, and your belly lifted off the ground. But you still didn't get the crawling motion quite right. Instead, your body would go into the yoga position known as Standing Dog, like a little pyramid. Now, you have all the motions, but you need JUST a little more traction under your knees. You are almost there. I'm going to miss the yoga poses. And, we are off to buy some gates!
  • Everyone thinks you say "hi" and "hey". Maybe you do. Regardless, you LOVE the sound of your voice. So do we.
  • You've been doing this since you were born, but as I sit here with you snoozing right next to me, I need to mention the way your lips move while you're sleeping. I guess you dream of nursing. It's so sweet.
  • You love your food! You are now eating prunes, rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, sweet green peas, peaches and pears.
  • Friday is becoming your best buddy. You love watching her, and have begun grabbing her fur, her ears, her eyes, whatever you can reach!
  • Your favorite toys are Curious George, Jimmy the Bear, Bug Frog Chicken, Little Bug and the fabric blocks that Papa and Grandma Lilly bought for you.
  • You are wearing mostly 12 month clothing, but a few 9 month items still fit.
  • You just outgrew your infant car seat. You are in the convertible seat now. Hard to believe you'll be in the same seat when you are 3 years old!!
  • You also outgrow your bouncy chair. You have a new bouncy chair now that doubles as a rocker. Your favorite feature of this is that you can easily reach your toes while sitting in it. You love pulling off your socks and eating them.
  • You weigh 15.7 pounds, and are 26.5 inches tall. Such a big girl.