23 months - October 12, 2003

Some may say you have hit your terrible two's. You refuse to wear a coat, you insist on hearing the same song 15 times in a row, and you are incredibly stubborn about nearly everything else you do, but, in actuality, it hasn't really been that terrible. We love seeing your personality emerge, and, to be honest, with the two of us as parents, we never expected a docile kid.

  • You are talking so much. Still no full sentences, but lots of little sentence fragments these days. You add people's names to words, saying things like, "Bye Bye Joy!" and my personal favorite, "Hey Mama!"
  • You also say, "Do it" or "Self" when you want to tackle something by yourself, and when you DON'T like something, you say "Like it." It really cracks us up when you tell us that you are "busy." Tonight, I was giving you a bath, and I asked if you were ready to get out. You said, "No, busy." I replied, "What are you busy with? Hanging out?" Well, you really liked that one! The rest of the bath, all you would talk about was "hanging out." You were "hanging out," your rubber duckies were "hanging out," your washcloth was "hanging out"…
  • You love medicine and vitamins. You are on antibiotics right now for an ear infection, and after taking your medicine, you say, "Good. Tasty." It is very cute. At breakfast and dinner you remind me to give you your vitamins, and you get very excited about them.
  • You still enjoy your books, but puzzles have become a big love lately as well. You can spend a great deal of time working on your puzzles.
  • You are officially obsessed with The Wiggles. I borrowed the Wiggly Wiggly World video from the library, and you watched it over and over again. We have the CD, and you insist that we play the song; "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" non-stop. As soon as it ends, you yell out, "Roo! Again! Roo! Roo!" You do all the dance moves from the video. It is adorable. You also love the song "Joeys on the Bed" from Wiggly Dance Party. You want me to play that section of the video over and over while you dance around.
  • You are a great little storyteller. Even though you don't really use sentences, you like telling us about your day. After you went to the zoo with your daddy, you told me all about it. "Giraffe. Eat. Poop. Stinky. Hippos. Elephant. Baby."
  • You are very much enjoying school. You leave the car every morning with a smile, and come back to the car in the afternoon smiling even harder. Your teachers all love you as well, and they have told me that they want to clone you, bottle you up and take you home, and that you are a busy, happy girl.
  • Playdoh is very popular with you these days. You will sometimes sit in your highchair for an hour making snakes and balls and using the molds to make different shapes.
  • You like washing your hands by yourself in the bathroom sink. You also like to stand on your stool and turn the light on and off.
  • You absolutely hate wearing a coat - it is a struggle every single morning.
  • At night before bed, you often ask me to make up songs. You give me a topic (usually a person you saw, or activity you did that day) and I make up a tune and some silly words.
  • You are very happy to finally be getting some hair. When we visit your Aunt Megen at Beauty Bar, you like to sit in the chair and have pomade put in. You have a huge grin on your face the whole time and love looking at yourself in the mirror.
  • You wear size 24 months, though they are still a little roomy. Your feet are a size 6W.