20 months - July 12, 2003

This little intro paragraph is always the hardest part to write. It's my small attempt to sum you up in just a few sentences, and as anyone who meets you can attest, you are so much more than that. Beautiful yet goofy, charming and stubborn, you are always ready with a smile, and you lighten up the life of every single person you encounter. You love to entertain, and when you pick up on something that makes people laugh, you run with it.

  • You are literally talking non-stop, but you still have no sentences. You have added two word phrases though, of which your favorite is without a doubt, "all done." Some other popular words are; blanket (panket), go, water (wa wa), bowl (for bowl, plate, spoon and fork), puzzle, huggie, hold you (when you want to be held), Friday, walk, help, car, truck, airplane. You will pretty much repeat every word you hear (even the ones you shouldn't be saying), and are very eager to know what everything is called. When you want to know the name of something or someone, you say "this," and will repeat it over and over until we tell you what the word or name is.
  • You are very excited about the potty. The day after you turned 20 months, I tried to put a diaper on you and you said, "all done, no no." So, I went out and bought you some training pants. You've peed in the potty once, but like to sit on it every day, usually with a book. You still wear diapers much of the time, but you talk about the potty a lot, and are very eager to user it. We'll see what happens. We are in no rush, but you seem to be. When you put your mind to something, you are very driven.
  • Ice cream is still your number one vice. You enjoy eating cones, and making a huge mess. You prefer chocolate over vanilla, but your favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip.
  • You love eating mints, and you associate them with your dad, because he's the one who gives them to you. Sometimes, when he comes in after work, you don't even say "hi." You just say, "mint, mint."
  • You are obsessed with messes. When you see them, you point them out. You love brooms and rakes, because they clean up messes. Last month, we were at a neighborhood porch party and someone spilled beer. You ran over to the hostess yelling, "mess, towel, mess, towel." She gave you a towel, and you cleaned up the beer on your hands and knees. You definitely don't take after your messy parents. Clearly, you inherited your nana's neat gene.
  • Your 11th and 12th teeth (bottom molars) just broke through. Usually, you sleep through the night, but for about two weeks, you woke up at least once a night, due to the teething pain.
  • When it's time to read books (before naps and at bedtime), you usually want to read the books to yourself. You sit in your little wicker rocking chair, put your right leg in the air, and prop the book against your foot.
  • You have just recently started to sing, and your favorite song is "Sing, Sing a Song" from Sesame Street. Whenever you want to sing it, you sing out "sing, sing" and start swaying back and forth.
  • You are a dancing fool. Your latest tricks include the moonwalk and spinning in circles.
  • About three or four mornings a week, we meet Joy at the park to go running. When we finish, you stretch with us. It is terribly cute, and always gains the attention of everyone around us.