18 months - May 12, 2003

You are very much a toddler now, and well into your terrible two's, though you're not even at two yet. Despite the temper tantrums and the sing song "nooooooooo's", you manage to be sweet and charming and the light of our life.

  • You are talking up a storm, getting multiple new words every day, and perfecting old words. You also love to learn and say people's names.
  • You enjoy doing yoga with me. You can do "downward dog" and "cobra" (which you do while hissing like a snake), and we are working on "cow" and "cat".
  • You are obsessed with mints. Your daddy gives you altoids and you just love them. When you see him first thing in the morning, or just after he gets home from work, you ask for mints before even saying hi.
  • You are still our little eating machine. You love fruit; both fresh and dried, and anything else that's sweet. Ice cream is a big favorite, of course, but you just call it "ice". You have become very skilled at feeding yourself with both a spoon and fork. At restaurants, people always comment on how well you use them.
  • You are an outside kind of girl, and love playing in the side yard or at the park. You like playing with your big beach ball, picking mint and herbs from the garden, driving in your Little Tykes car, making bubbles, and watering plants with your elephant watering can. At the park, you love going down the slide, which you can now do by yourself, and you are loving the swings more every day.
  • When we go for walks or runs with Friday, you hold the leash. It's very sweet.
  • You like to stand with me at the edge of the driveway and wave to every car that drives by. You also tell me if it is a car or a truck (but you pronounce it "cuck").
  • You love taking showers with us. You dance around or sit on the floor. You like showers so much that you often get in when it's not on and just sit on the floor, saying "shower".
  • You are beginning to appreciate TV. Your favorite DVD in the car is Bear in the Big Blue House, and you like watching the Wiggles and Sesame Street in the house. You also like the Tweenies, but only when they sing.
  • You've become quite the little temper girl. It is not always fun anymore to take you to restaurants or out shopping, as you are very determined to do things your own way. When you don't get your way, you have a meltdown, complete with crocodile tears and shrieking.
  • Your hair is growing, but is still very thin and short. You are frustrated with this because you want to wear "pretties" (bobby pins and barrettes) like your mom does.
  • You are covered with bruises and cuts because you are constantly running around and falling. You are very brave though, and rarely cry for more than a few minutes.