17 months - April 12, 2003

Here's the 17 month old scoop :

  • You are very eager to help. You say the word "help" all the time, both when you want to pitch in, and when you need some help yourself. You assisted me while I planted some seeds a few weeks ago, and you were so excited. You said "help" over and over again, and then every time we checked on the progress of the seeds, you called them "help."
  • You most frequently ask for help while eating. You mostly eat by yourself, and are great at using both a fork and a spoon, but sometimes you get inpatient and hungry, and want us to give you a hand.
  • You've started to say the word "go" as well. At night, when I put you to bed, I always sing you "Bushel and a Peck." Well, as soon as I finish, or before I even do, you push me away, saying, "go, go, go". You also say it to people when they are leaving the house.
  • We are all so excited that spring is here, but your excitement takes the cake! You LOVE going outside, and can often be found standing at the side door saying, "outside". You also love playing with your bubbles, and say "bubbles" all day long.
  • When you want to eat, you become a woman obsessed. You stand at the fridge, nodding your head, yelling, "eat, eat, eat,".
  • We are taking a very slow approach with potty training. You are still very young for it, but you really do seem to know right before and right after you go to the bathroom. I only put you on the potty right before your bath. You have used the potty once, but only after you started going on the floor (I snatched you up and plopped you on the potty before you finished.).
  • You want to walk very fast, and are nearly a runner. I think you are hampered a bit by the fact that you walk on your toes. You look very goofy. You try to gain speed by swinging your left arm back and forth as you walk. You fall a LOT, and your body reflects this. You got a big egg on your forehead, have bruises all over your legs, road rash on your knees, and a cut on your finger. You're tough, though. You don't cry much after you get hurt. You just say "owie" and hold out the appropriate body part for me to kiss. Then you get over it and go on your way.
  • You've been drinking a lot of milk, but we are cutting you back a bit as it was interfering with your appetite.
  • You used to call Friday, "diday" but now she is "yiyay". You've taken to kissing and hugging her every time she walks past.
  • You've been hitting a lot lately, and we are trying to get you to understand that this isn't appropriate. You mostly hit older boys. At your playgroup, a little boy took your toy, and you grabbed it back and smacked him over the head with it, repeatedly. You also hit Ty a few times the other day when we were playing with him. I guess you want to assert your dominance!
  • You are a crazy girl in the bath! First of all, you start yelling, "bath, bath, bath" as soon as you are done eating dinner. Then, once you are in the bath, you splash like a maniac, lay on your belly and kick your legs, pour water all over yourself, try to drink the water, kiss your rubber duckie, kiss your reflection in the faucet hardware, etc. You never want to get out, but once you do, you start yelling, "teeth, teeth, teeth", and want to brush your teeth right away.
  • Speaking of teeth, you have ten. Teeth nine and ten are your first molars, and they aren't fully out, but have poked through.
  • I think your hair is finally growing in, but I'm not placing any bets on it.
  • You are a size 18 months, with a few 24 months outfits as well. Your feet are a size 4.5, but you wear size 5 sneakers.