16 months - March 12, 2003

Crazy girl,
You have spring fever and are making us very tired!! We had a couple of warm days this week and you wanted out! We can’t wait for spring and summer. Here is a rundown of your latest milestones:

  • Your vocabulary continues to explode. You love learning new words, and are thrilled with your ability to communicate.
  • Your love affair with books is still there, but has changed dramatically. You do NOT want to be read to, you will only do it yourself. You enjoy the Goldbug book, and like finding little goldbug on every page. You can say “goldbug” very clearly.
  • Your coloring skills have really improved. You love your crayons, and can make very strong lines and squiggles. You can even make nice lines on your dresser, books and other objects that shouldn’t be subjected to crayon. You also have taken bites of crayon while my back was turned.
  • You still kiss things that you love or find pleasing in some way, and you blow kisses all the time. You blow kisses to everyone at the restaurants we eat at, to people at stores, and even to people on the street.
  • I got shingles this month and had to wean you from nursing because of the medications I was taking. It was kind of sad, but I think it was good timing for both of us. You have adapted very well, and now drink a big sippy cup of cow’s milk every day.
  • You like watching The Wiggles with me on weekend mornings. You dance along with them and have a big smile on your face.
  • You are a big fan of bath time, and have begun asking for a bath when you are done with dinner.