15 months - February 12, 2003

You are our little ham, cracking up people wherever we go and keeping us ever-amused with your talking, funny faces and bubbly personality. Here’s what you are up to:

  • You LOVE to talk. From animal sounds (you can do the sounds for dog, cat, mouse, cow, and sheep) to words (you now have over 50 words!!), it is rarely silent around here. You finally say mama. And you say it all the time.
  • Your words have really evolved. You started off with just nouns, but now you have verbs and adverbs. I’m sure the sentences will start any day. You love saying “more, more”. You are also fond of up, on, off, and out. Don’t get me wrong, though; nouns are still popular, especially lemon and car.
  • You also like performing tricks. When we say “touchdown” you lift both arms in the air and yell. When we ask where your heart is, you hit your chest with your fist and say “boom, boom”. When we ask, “What time is it?” you show your watch.
  • Books are still your favorite pastime. Your favorite is I Want to be a Cowgirl. You went through a phase a couple of weeks ago during which you demanded we read it about 20 times a day. You love saying “cowgirl.” You also like Goodnight Moon (you don’t want it read to you, you just want to find the mouse on every page), Goodnight Gorilla, and the little square books that the Lincoln’s gave you as a Christmas present.
  • Stickers and crayons are a new activity for you. You love coloring, and you love putting stickers on everything. On our way home from San Diego, you put ladybug and flower stickers all over the window and tray table. You also like stickering your head and my shirt and nose.
  • You seem to be very fond of kissing things. You kiss toys, food, magazines, anything that catches your fancy. It’s very sweet.
  • You still are a great eater. You love vegetables and fruit (especially citrus – you will even eat lemon wedges), and you love cookies (cook cooks) and crackers. We have been trying to get you to drink more milk, but you will only drink it if it’s flavored with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.
  • You really enjoy your baths. You splash, and crawl around, and scrub everything with the washcloth.
  • Your sixth tooth just broke through, and the doctor said that your first molar is on its way as well.
  • You sleep the whole night through now, which is wonderful. You go to bed at about 7:30 – 8, and wake up anytime between 6:30 and 7:30. Once in a great while you wake up, but you usually go back to sleep on your own before I can even get into your room to soothe you.
  • You are officially in size 18 months. What a big girl!