11 Months - October 12, 2002

Dear Dylie,
We love you with all our heart. You are funny and charismatic and beautiful. Here's what you are up to these days:

  • You can now walk about 4-5 steps on your own, and the past few days you are getting very excited about it. It's like when you learned to crawl. Once you realized how exciting it was, you wanted to do nothing else. It's so much fun to watch you walk.
  • You have four teeth. Two on top and two on the bottom. The teeth on top are so cute. They are really big and have a big space in between them. I told Grandma Lilly that you look just like Papa, with your bald head and the gap between your teeth.
  • You have two new nannies - Joy and Mandi. Joy is teaching you lots of new words, both speaking and in sign language. You've said "plate" and "duck" and your new favorite is "pretty". You can say "fish" in sign language, but mostly you just sign the word "dog".
  • Your favorite thing to do without any doubt is dancing and listening to music. Every time we are in the library, you just point at the CD Player. It's relentless! You love the Asleep at the Wheel CD. Also Saturday Night Fever and the tape from your music class. When you dance, you bounce up and down, and you move your hands from side to side. We call it "jazz hands". You also like to shake and bang your wooden spoons.
  • You are so interested in everything around you. You just point and say "that" nonstop. You are especially interested in lights, plants and fans.
  • You still love feeding Friday, and it's starting to have a real effect. At her veterinary appointment two weeks ago, we found out that she has gained 5 pounds since you started eating solids!! Who knew that Cheerios could be so fattening?
  • Speaking of food, you LOVE to eat. You get very very angry waiting for food while we are cutting it. Your latest favorite is the Italian cheesecake at Inky's. We eat there every Friday night. You also love their manicotti and ravioli. Other favorites include grilled cheese, apples, apple juice, vanilla soy milk, stir fry, stuffed cabbage, and, of course, yogurt and cheerios. Also, your dad says not to tell anyone, because it's not healthy, but you've been known to enjoy the occasional candy corn.
  • Your sleeping patterns are very erratic. One night last week you slept for 11.5 hours straight, but then a few nights later you were up every 2 hours! I much prefer the 11.5 hours, but there are worse things than holding you in my arms and nursing you. Pretty soon you will be a big girl, and even now the times when I can hold you without you squirming away are few and far between.
  • You are 28.5 inches tall and weigh 18 pounds. You are a skinny minny. Some of your clothes are still 9 months, but you also wear 12 months and even 18 months!! It just depends on the brand and the cut of the outfit.