10 Months - September 12, 2002

Sweet Dylie,
You are more fun, and more aware every single day. We are just having a ball. Here are your latest and greatest:

  • You are working on your top two teeth, and it has been really rough. For the past couple of weeks, you have been waking up every 2-3 hours. Your gums are incredibly swollen, and you keep grabbing your ears, which the doctor told us is a sign that your teeth hurt. It also looks like you suck your thumb, because you rub it against your gums, trying to get some relief. I see the top right one is finally starting to poke through, so I hope that you'll feel better soon.
  • I really think you are getting more hair. Don't get me wrong. You are still pretty much a baldie, but it's getting longer. I think your hair is dark blond. Or light brown with golden highlights. Who would have though I'd have a blond kid??? It's very pretty though. The sun makes it sparkle.
  • You are learning sign language. You can do the sign for "dog." You are so proud of yourself, and you do it whenever we say "What's Friday?" or "Say Doggie". Sometimes you also say "Diday!" when you do it. You are still a little confused though, and tend to make the sign whenever you get happy or excited. Since "Doggie" sounds so much like "Daddy" and "Duckie" you sometimes make the sign for those words too. And you still call me "Da Da." Oh well, soon enough!
  • You love playing with Daddy's face. You stick your finger in his ear, grab his nose, grab his chin. You also like his tattoo and belly button. They are very interesting to you!
  • You can stand all by yourself in the middle of the room without holding on to anything. You have taken 2 steps on your own, but are in no rush to walk. You are so good at crawling, I guess you just don't see the point!
  • You have become obsessed with the toilet paper. Any chance you get you crawl into the bathroom and try to unravel it.
  • You also love ripping apart magazines and catalogs. You make this cute face as you try to tear the paper apart, like you are using all your strength.
  • You still like to imitate coughing, and have begun to imitate sneezing as well. You think it is hysterical when we say "Bless You!"
  • You love feeding people your food. Sometimes you get the most earnest, sweet look on your face, as if you are saying, "Come on, just eat a little. It's good for you!" Sometime though, you start to feed us, and then quickly pop the food into your mouth, faking us out. This is very funny, and you always giggle afterwards. You like feeding Friday too. She has picked up on this, and can be found standing next to your high chair any time you are in it.
  • You are still the Queen of Cheerios, and have begun trying to stuff as many as possible into your mouth at once.
  • You love doing tricks. When we say "chew," you do exaggerated chewing motions. When we say "How big is baby?" you throw both arms in the air and yell along with us as we say, "Soooo big." Then you always grab the side of your head for some reason.
  • You are getting very tired of baby food. Sometimes you won't eat it at all. You want big people food, and can eat most of what we eat. You love all meat. You love toast. Also, melon, peaches, sweet potato, homefries, egg yolk, rice, spaghetti, cheese, bread, green beans . . . I guess pretty much everything. What a relief that you seem to be an eater, since we are such a food loving family.
  • You are 28 inches tall and weigh 17.8 pounds.